The company was founded by Craig Melton and has since grown to include many new clients throughout the last 15 years.  Our growth is based on the care and success for our customers.


Craig Melton held the highest coaching license with the Unites States Soccer Federation by the age of 26.  He went on to coach, train, and work with many MLS & College soccer players.  After a successful career coaching, he took his leadership into the Mortgage Banking Industry where he traveled up and down the east coast opening offices and training employees for a company that made the INC 500 Fastest growing companies in America list.  He has personally helped high ranking military officers, executives for large companies, professional athletes, and many others with their home financing needs.


Craig specializes in only training, teaching, and leading in areas where has had successful experiences.  He has mananaged, written, and overseen over 1 billion dollars in personal loans & assets for his clients.  He has traveled throughout the world as a keynote speaker for many companies and organizations.


His career has now taken a complete 360 turnaround.  He is back on the soccer fields working with the professional MLS soccer team, Orlando City Soccer Club. Craig is now on the head coaching staff of the youth soccer professional system. Craig spends his night and weekends on the fields with future soccer professionals.  He coaches players from age 7 to age 14 while helping out in many areas of the youth and professional club.


All of his money managment advice come from lessons learned from his personal experience and his clients.  " I am able to teach some very easy to follow financial principals from all the previous mistakes people (including myself) have made and have learned from"


Craig has had two major transformational moments in his life that has lead him to this company.  In 1997, Craig had a multiple six figure income that went to ZERO. In 1998 he began building a new career in the Mortgage Banking industry that lead to earning a six figure income again in multiple industries.  The financial and corporate meltdown in 2008 , again had Craig and his career at another challenge.


Thats were the Flip Flop Living Company Message was born!  Its NOT the income or assets that some one has that matters!  Its the DEBT that they hold or have!  Income and Assets will NEVER MATTER, if you can never manage or handle your debt!


Craig now spends his time consulting people, families, and companies on this way of thinking.  His goal os to transform the process of wealth creation through proper debt management.


Craig Melton also helps Real Estate Professionals and Homeowners navigate all the new Mortgage lending and Banking laws.  He is a private loan specialist that helps people with their highest loan balance debt.  If you need Mortgage advice then you need to call Craig and his team at 321-277-0597.




Find out how these core values have helped hundreds of other clients achieve lasting success for their businesses.

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