Our Client Base

The M Group specializes in Coaching & Equipping Individuals and organizations that find themselves in uncharted territory due to mergers and acquisitions, changes in corporate leadership or large shifts in their established markets.


Some of our satisfied clients include:

  • Hospitals
  • Insurance Companies
  • Country Clubs
  • Private Equity, Lending, and Real Estate Holding Companies
  • Banks
  • Home owners with distressed real estate holdings
  • Large non profit organizations
  • Small start ups that have growned into national businesses
  • Sports Organizations & Ventures


Client Industries

We specialize in a wide range of industries, including:

  • Banking & Financial
  • Insurance & Retirement
  • Real Estate
  • Corporate Sales
  • Sports Industry
  • Direct Sales & Network Marketing Companies
  • Any company that wants to make a difference in their leadership and culture!


We specialize in individual clients such as:

  • Military Leaders
  • Executives
  • Athletes
  • Celebrities
  • Any person that is smart enough to accept and receive WISE council!


" only take advice from trusted people that are experienced in the advice they are giving"

Contact Us or Make an Appointment

For answers to your questions or to schedule an appointment, please call:



Or send us an email at coachmelton@gmail.com

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