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Your largest debt is your Mortgage!

All loans end up in the same place on the back end of the loan.  One of many loan servicing companies will end up collecting your mortgage payment.  You will also make your payment online or through your own bank bill pay.


The Front end of the loan process matters!  Not all the same interest rate loans are the same.  You need to have a professional loan officer to handle your mortgage needs.  Please make sure they are Federal and State License so they are up to date on all the new Mortgage Laws implemented through the last 4 years.


Craig Melton has overseen and managed the funding of over 1 billion dollars of loan volume.  Craig has personally orginated over 200 Million Dollars of Loans up and down the East Coast in his career.



Craig Melton


NMLS# 392110


He is avaiable to help you!




Debt & Wealth Management

We have a very proven and easy to follow system to create wealth.  We start with the debt first.  We only like debt that people can afford.  We believe that income, assets, and revenue will do our clients no good if they can not control their debt.  It does not matter how much you have or are about to receive.  If you do not control your debt, then you end up on a path to financial failure.

  • Why do over 85% of all million dollar lottery winners end up Bankrupt in 3 years?
  • Why do millon dollar athletes have nothing after their career is over?
  • Why are most successful business executives and/or owners 2 months away of NO PAY away from being BROKE!
  • How does over 80% of all athletes earning 10 million or more still need to work at the end of their career?

We offer services in all areas of business management to companies of all sizes in a wide variety of industries. Some of our important practice areas are listed below.

Outsourced Executive Managment


There are risks involved in any business. The major one is overhead and long term salaries that keep employees stable but not energetic to capitalize returns for the company.

Our solution is to outsource some of your short term needs for executive services without all the long term salaries and benefits. 

If your company is on a big project that you need to move forward and you need leadership to see it gets done, then outsource the M group and TLG.  You will not have long term salaries or benefits on your books and we can train an employee throughout the process before we step back out.


Sales Production


Many companies use TLG services to grow their company sales and revenue.  If you need some outside sales to grow your business, then you need to call on Coach Melton.

Business Training & Speaking



Craig and his team have been training people and companies for over 15 years.  If your company needs a keynote speaker at any event or training then call TLG.  Craig has trained many companies from hospitals to country clubs.  He has been all over the world training leaders in other countries.


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