We have created a specific division to handle our Athletes and Celebrities.  TLG Sports was created to fill a major needed void in all successful peoples lives.


We act as a the advisory board for every Athlete, Celebrity, and Executive.  We set them up for life after sports and business.


We NO DONT treat them like a ATM machine and show them a false world that will not be sustained in their life.  Most Celebrities and Athletes are shown a crazy high life of fancy cars, houses, and lifestyle that never last.


Most professional Athletes end up broke or Bankrupt after 3.5 years as a professional.  Most all major athletes need a job after their career is over and their short lived lifestyle has taken them down the wrong path.


Our Athletes are prepared for their entire future.  We are with them through their professional career and BEYOND!  Our Athletes are set up for a Flip Flop Living Future of less stress, limited debt, and increasing WEALTH!


Start the path to a Flip Flop Living Future Today!  Let TLG SPORTS be the solution!


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Orlando City becomes MLS 21st Franchise


Orlando City will officially become a MLS team in the 2015 season of Major League Soccer.


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